Restaurant Gigur

Veitingastaður Hótel Gíg

Restaurant at Hotel Gigur

At Hotel Gigur´s restaurant a menu of varied refreshment is available for hotel guests and other travellers.
The restaurant is open during the summer, from the beginning of May until mid September. 

Opening hours:

The restaurant is open from 11:30-22:00. 
The main menu is available between 11:30-16:00 and 18:00-22:00.
The delicious sweets menu is available between 16:00-18:00.

Enjoy great refreshments with a fantastic view of one of Iceland´s most adored nature sites, Lake Myvatn.

Restaurant Hotel Gigur

Main menu


Soup of the day, served with freshly-baked bread kr. 1,390.-
Gravlax with salad, rye bread, egg and dill sauce. kr. 1,890.-
lamb duo with Havarti cheese, red onion and blueberry vinagrette kr. 1,890.-


Light Courses

Hamburger with bacon, salad, tomato, and red onion. Served with french fries and cocktail sauce. kr. 2,390.-
Pulled pork sandwich with salad, bell pepper and shallots. Served with aioli and french fries. kr. 2,490.-
Club sandwich with chicken, bacon, tomato and salad. Served with aioli and french fries. kr. 2,290.-
Salad with chicken, Feta chese, fruits and vegetables.  kr. 2,190.-
Vegetables lasagne with herb aioli and salad, served with garlic bread. kr. 2,590.-


Main Courses

Grilled beefsteak with smashed potatoes, baked carrots, warm asparagus salad and café de paris butter.  kr. 5,890.-
Grilled fillet of lamb with smashed potatoes, baked beetroots and red wine sauce. kr. 5,690.-
Pan fried trout with smashed potatoes, pickled zucchini, salad and sauce vierge. kr. 3,890.-
Oven baked salted cod with roasted potatoes and tomato herb sauce kr. 3,890.-


Three course dinner

Three course dinner set menu, ask the waiter for today´s menu. kr. 7,100.-

Note: Available between 18:00 - 22:00.



Rhubarb crumble with strawberry sorbet. kr. 1,890.-
Vanilla skyr with créme anglaise and blueberry sorbet. kr. 1,890.-
Gelato trio with chocolate sauce and whipped cream. kr. 1,890.-
Chocolate trio including baked, cooled and frozen chocolate. kr. 1,890.-


Restaurant Hotel Gigur

Delicious Sweets

Between 16:00-18:00 guests and other travellers can get delicious sweets from the aftrnoon menu and enjoy them with a cup of coofee in the bright dining room.

Belgian waffle with ice cream, berries and caramel sauce. kr. 890.-
Chocolate cake with ice cream and berries. kr. 890.-
Ice cream with a chocolate sauce and whipped cream. kr. 890.-


Setustofan á Hótel Gíg

Bar and lounge

After a good day by Lake Myvatn it is nice to sit down and enjoy the nature through the dining room´s bright windows. At the bar guests can get cooffee, tea or a glass of wine to enjoy with some of the refreshments on the restaurant´s menu. There are only a few things that can match the beautiful sunset at Lake Myvatn and if you are in luck you can experience it in the relaxing stillness at Hotel Gigur.

Veislusalurinn á Hótel Gíg

Conference and catering

The dining hall at Hotel Gigur is well suitable for meetings, symposiums and festivities. The dining hall can accomodate up to 120 people in seats. On site is a projector, tv, writing boards, computer, printer and a wireless internet connection. Our conference and catering department will gladly help you with any further information