Hotel Borg receives an award

Hótel Borg

Hotel Borg recently received the respected World Travel Awards as Iceland's Leading Hotel. Hotel Borg has long been known for elegance and style and this reward highlights the guests' satisfaction with the hotel's accommodation. 

Hótel Borg Double Deluxe

Last year Hotel Borg added an extension to the hotel which included the opening of a new hotel wing, expansion of the reception and the opening of Borg Spa, spa and gym at Hotel Borg.

By adding the new wing the number of hotel rooms went from 56 to 99 and like the hotel itself all the rooms are decorated in Art Deco style. Each hotel room includes custom made furniture and fittings and by mixing colors, forms and material, they get their own individual touch. With the opening of Borg Spa, Hotel Borg has added more value to their customer's stay, who can now enjoy relaxation and massages at the spa.

Hotel Borg's owners and employees are both pleased and proud with the reward which certainly encourages them to keep servicing their guests superbly and with meticulousness. 


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