Keahotels - strongest in iceland 2016

Keahotels has received the 'The Strongest in Iceland 2016' awards for an outstanding business performance, the fifth year in a row. Every year the Icelandic credit bureau Creditinfo completes a detailed analysis which reveals the Icelandic companies that have achieved top marks in its strength and stability assessments. Out of the 35.000 registered companies in Iceland only 624 fulfill the strict criteria.

That includes:

Keahotels strongest in Iceland 2016

  • Confirmed financial statements for three straight years with the Directorate of Internal Revenue.
  • Less than 0,5% probability of defaulting debts according to Creditinfo's CIP Risk Assessment.
  • Positive operating profit (EBIT) for three straight years.
  • Positive operating net profit for three straight years.
  • Total assets exceed ISK 80 million for for three straight years.
  • Equity ratio has been 20% or higher for three straight years.
  • CEO is listed in the national Registry of Enterprises.
  • The company is active according to Creditinfo's definition.

Furthermore, Keahotels was the highest rated hotel company that made the list for 2016, which is a great achievement. However, that achievement cannot be accomplished without outstanding employees, their hard work and dedication.

More information about the awards can be found on the Creditinfo webpage.

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