New logos for Hotel Gígur and Hotel Norðurland

Goðafoss - Ísland Norður

New logos where revealed and implemented for Hotel Gígur and Hotel Norðurland today. The new logos are a part of the Keahotels brand and like other hotels in the hotel chain the new logos carry the signature BY KEAHOTELS. The logos where designed by Hype Marketing Firm who also designed the logos for Apotek Hotel, Skuggi Hotel and Storm Hotel, who are all part of Keahotels.  

Ný merki Hótel Gígs og Hótel NorðurlandsHotel Gigur´s logo is inspired by the unique nature that surrounds the hotel and identifies its location. The hotel is placed at Skútustaðir on the southern shore of Lake Mývatn in North-east Iceland and derives its name from the pseudo craters Skútustaðagígar that stand next to the hotel. The circular logo shows two craters next to a calm water, a reference to the beautiful view that guest enjoy while staying at the hotel.

The logo for Hotel Norðurland is symbolic both for the hotel´s name and location, Norður means North in English, and the hotel is located in Akureyri town which is in North of Iceland. The cardinal point North is clearly shown with a capital N and an arrow pointing upwards. The logo is based on a compass concept which is a reference to traveling and new destinations, which the hotel certainly stands for.

The logos are considered to be a great success and display, in a successful manner, each hotel´s characteristics. All hotels within Keahotels now carry their own logo, which is a part of displaying a clearer brand impression and connection to the experience each hotel presents their guests with.


Hótel Gígur nýtt merki Keahotels Hótel Norðurland nýtt merki