New milestone for Hotel Borg

Hótel Borg World Leading Hotel

Hotel Borg recently received the prestigious Travel Awards as the most leading hotel in Iceland. This is a well received acknowledgement for the hotel that has gone through extensive modifications and it is obvious that the update is well met by guests. "Sophistication and elegance are the hotel´s motto which was kept aloft during the modifications. It is of course delightful that this has been noticed and the awards mark a certain standard for the hotel" said Páll L. Sigurjónsson, Keahotel Manager, about the awards.

Hótel Borg Spa DrBragiThe most extensive part of the modification included the opening of a new hotel wing which houses hotel rooms and Borg Spa, spa and gym. Furthermore the hotel´s reception was enlarged, connecting the older building to the new. After the modification the hotel offers 99 hotel rooms in this historical building where the Art Deco style has been cherished through the modifications, keeping the class that has been Hotel Borg´s signature for decades. 

With the appearance of Borg Spa the guests at Hotel Borg can now enjoy relaxing at the spa where the emphasis is on first class service in calm and beautiful environment. The spa has a hot tub, steam bath, sauna and relaxation area. Borg Spa furthermore offers variety of spa treatments and is in cooperation with Dr.Bragi skin care products that are created by Icelandic ingenuity and made from natural Icelandic ingredients. At the gym a selection of equipment such as a treadmill, rowing machine, elliptical trainer, spinning bike, stability balls and weights are at ready for a versatile indoor exercise.


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