Skuggi Hotel opens.

Skuggi banner

The new three-star Skuggi Hotel in central Reykjavik opened its doors to its first guests recently. The hotel has a total of 100 rooms, which will be brought gradually into use over the next few weeks. Unlike many central Reykjavik hotels, it has underground car-parking facilities for its guests.

Mynd eftir Rax

“The interior design is a nod towards the photo-book Behind the Mountains, by Ragnar Axelsson or RAX, a copy of which is placed in every room. The artist Guido van Helten painted RAX artwork in the lobby and lounge.

Guido Van Helten is a contemporary street artist practicing in the medium of large-scale, site-specific mural works. Combining a developed appreciation of architectural elements, cultural influence and research-based appropriation of historic or archival imagery.

Ragnar Axelsson’s stories have appeared in print media publications such as Time magazine, Life, Stern, GEO, Polka, Wanderlust, Geographical and Newsweek, and are the subject of his major photography books: Faces of the North (2004 – republished in an extended version in 2015), Last Days of the Arctic (2010) and Behind the Mountains (2013).

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