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Apotek Hotel is a four star boutique hotel located in downtown Reykjavik and managed by Keahotels. The historical building formerly housed the pharmacy Reykjavíkur Apótek and is a well known landmark in Reykjavik.

The hotel has 45 rooms and suites. Including in those 45 rooms is the dignifying Tower Suite from where you can see a panoramic view over Reykjavik. 

The Apotek Restaurant is located on the ground floor, offering hotel guests a great dining experience. 

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 Apotek Kitchen + Bar



The restaurant Apotek Kitchen + Bar is located in the ground floor at Apotek Hotel. When designing the restaurant emphasis was set on keeping the integrity of the building and its history with a nod to the importance of the kitchen. The result is a modern location offering a an entertaining and relaxing atmosphere.

The menu is a fun mix of Icelandic and European cuisine with a smoking hot Argentinean grill. Dishes are designed to be shareed and enjoyed together. At the lively cocktail bar the award winning "pharmacists" mix together exciting artisan cocktails to suite every mood; painkillers, stimulants, tranquilizers and even placebos.

Apotek Kitchen + Bar Apotek Kitchen + Bar Reykjavik Menu Apotek Kitchen + Bar Reykjavik Menu


Austurstræti 16

 Austurstræti 16 oldApotek Hotel is located in one of Reykjavik‘s oldest and most cherished buildings, the „Reykjavik Apothecary“ or „Reykjavikurapótek“.

The 5 story landmark in the center of Reykjavik‘s downtown area is not only newly renovated and redefining the hotel experience in Iceland, it is also full of history and original characteristics that were intentionally protected and restored.

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