Austurstræti 16

Apotek Hotel OldApotek Hotel is located in one of Reykjavik‘s oldest and most cherished buildings, the „Reykjavik Apothecary“ or „Reykjavikurapótek“.

The 5 story landmark in the center of Reykjavik‘s downtown area is not only newly renovated and redefining the hotel experience in Iceland, it is also full of history and original characteristics that were intentionally protected and restored.  

This 1917 building is the design of State Architect and visionary of his time, Guðjón Samúelsson. It originally housed the Reykjavik Apothecary and the name has followed the building ever since.

Guðjón was the most commissioned architect of his time in Iceland and his work is still today some of the most celebrated in the city.  Others among his many structures can be found all around Iceland and include favorites such as Hallgrimskirkja, Landakot Cathedral, the National Theatre of Iceland and Keahotels very own sister hotel and neighbour, Hotel Borg.

Once inside the Apotek Hotel, guests are welcomed to a blend of comfortable modern design with accents of the past that celebrate the rich history of the building.  In the grand stairway that leads through the center of the Apotek Hotel, the modern bright lift  lights up the spiral staircase walk past original art from Iceland‘s well known sculptor Guðmundur Einarsson from Miðdalur (1895 – 1963).