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Exeter Hotel

Exeter Hótel í ReykjavíkExeter Hotel is a contemporary design hotel by the old Reykjavík harbour that offers local experience with all the perks of a hotel stay. The hotel’s main building is a restoration of a house originally built in 1904 as a storage and later used as a house of residence and trade. Now renovated and linked to new and modern buildings the hotel‘s exterior is a tribute both to contemporary architecture and times when fishing and trade where the area’s main industry.



Modern hotel experience

Exeter Hótel í Reykjavík

Leading from the entrance to the back garden is an open floor plan that includes a restaurant, bar, lounge and reception. The ground floor high ceiling together with the open garden create a loft like feeling that connects the upstairs garden view rooms to the flow from the bustling street in the front.


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As a modern city Reykjavík is constantly evolving and the lines between shopping districts, residential and industrial areas are in retreat. Exeter Hotel is located in one of the up and coming areas of the capital where you can experience the funky mix of trade, retail, culture and locals right by the old harbour.

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