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Spa & Fitness Room

We welcome our guests to Borg Spa, spa and fitness room at Hotel Borg. At Borg Spa the emphasise is on providing first class service in our calm and charming environment. We offer great selection of spa treatments where everyone should be able to find one that suits.

At Borg Spa we offer:
  • Hot tub
  • Steam Bath
  • Sauna
  • Relaxation area
  • Fitness room




Opening hours at Borg Spa:
  • Fitness room: Daily 06:00 - 20:00
  • Spa: Daily 10:00 - 20:00 


Spa Access

Enjoy yourself in our famous Spa at Hotel Borg for only 2,500 ISK. The access is valid all days of the stay.

All guests who book their stay on our website get free access during the stay.

Please contact the front desk tel: +354 551 1440 or to make a reservation for a treatment.

Hotel Borg SPA



Classic deep cleansing facial

30/50 mins

The face is deeply cleansed, peeled,extraction of impurities, then a wonderful rejuvenating massage of face, neck and shoulders.
Suitable mask is applied and the treatment is then finished with a day cream.

9.900/16.800 ISK


DrBRAGI Signature Facial

45mins  Face and Neck

Marine Enzyme and facial massage techniques reduce the signs of ageing, in particular creating a more rejuvenated, toned and brighter complexion, leaving the skin feeling supple and hydrated.

15.800 ISK


DrBRAGI HydroZyme Illuminating Facial

75 mins Face and Neck

The hydroZyme ‘illuminating’ facial is a 75 minute long treatment featuring the unique hydrodermabrasion procedure with the therapeutic actions of DrBragi’s marine enzymes.

25.000 ISK



DrBRAGI full body scrub and massage

75 mins Full body

Top-to-toe marine enzyme conditioning for the entire body. A pampering treatment ideal for jet lag.

28.000 ISK

Aromatic Full Body Massage

30/55/90 minutes

This full body aromatic massage encompasses a blend of essential oils combined with relaxing massage movements to help stimulate your senses and gently relieve muscle tension.

16.000/22.000/27.000 ISK

Swedish Full Body Massage

30/55/90 minutes

An invigoration experience, this massage is the perfect remedy to specific problem areas, awakening the mind and unwinding achy muscles.

14.000/20.000/26.000 ISK




Alessandro Luxury manicure 45 minutes - 14.900 ISK
File and polish - 6.500 ISK

Alessandro Luxury pedicure 45 minutes - 14.900 ISK
File and polish - 6.500 ISK


Keahotels Bow


Wax to knees - 6.000 ISK

Wax to knees and bikini line - 8.500 ISK

Wax to knees and brazilian wax - 9.900 ISK

Wax legs - 9.000 ISK

Wax legs and bikini line (chocolate wax is used on the bikini line) 11.000 ISK
Wax bikini line - 4.900 ISK

Brazilian wax - 7.500 ISK

Wax underarms - 5.500 ISK

Wax on back or chest - 6.500-15.000 ISK
Wax on upper lip - 2.900 ISK


Keahotels Bow


Eyelash tinting - 4.000 ISK

Eyebrow tinting - 4.000 ISK

Eyebrow shaping - 4.000 ISK


Keahotels Bow

DrBragi skin care products

Hótel Borg Spa DrBragi

At Borg Spa we use skin products from Dr BRAGI, created by Icelandic ingenuity and made from natural Icelandic ingredients. The late Dr. Jón Bragi Barjason PHD was a professor of biochemistry at the University of Iceland and one of the world´s leading enzymologists. The diverse marine life of Iceland’s abundant sea waters inspired Dr Bragi to scientifically explore marine enzymes.

The DrBRAGI products fuse marine biochemistry with pure, natural and effective ingredients, Dr Bragi’s formulations are driven by clinical studies, visible results and backed up by decades of scientific research. Dr Bragi's marine enzyme products optimise cell function, keeping the skin as young and healthy as possible.

The DrBragi skin care range includes:
  • No artificial preservatives
  • No parabens
  • No perfumes
  • No silicones
  • No glycols
  • No dyes
  • No lipids
  • No lanolin







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