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Hotel Gigur

Hotel Gigur is situated in one of Iceland's most popular and beautiful tourist attractions, on the southern shore of Lake Myvatn. The hotel has 37 comfortable rooms, all with private bathrooms. Hotel Gigur has magnificent dining rooms for up to 250 guests, with a fantastic view over the lake. Hotel guests and other diners can choose from a number of delectable meals from the a la carte menu. The hotel also has a bar and a lounge.


Lake Myvatn

Lake Myvatn

From earliest times, Mývatn has attracted strong interest and has been among those places that most people would like to visit, observe and explore. Mývatn is Iceland´s fourth largest lake, 37 km2 in area, having a shoreline deeply incised by numerous small creeks and speckled with about 50 islands and small islets.

It abounds in lake char and is netted by the farmers during summer and ice fishing is practiced in winter. The lake area is known world wide for its exceptionally many breeding duck species (15-16) and the abundance of other avifauna. The lake's surroundings show such variety in landscapes and amazing geological formations, that the visitors have to spend several days there to enjoy them fully. This area is extremely volcanic. Nine eruptions took place there during the period 1975-1984 and the continental drift was measured 4,8 m. This show of nature's immense power gave the scientist the first real opportunity to study the plate tectonics on dry land.

Hotel Gigur Restaurant

Hotel Gigur's restaurant

Hotel Gigur has magnificent dining rooms able to accommodate up to 130 guests, with a fantastic view of the lake.