Hotel Gígur stands at Skútustaðir, on the southern shore of Lake Mývatn, with fantastic view of the lake and the unique pseudo craters. Surrounded by famous destinations, all within an hour drive, the hotel is a great starting point for short walks and longer day tours in this magnificent landscape.


GPS receiver: 65° 34,123'N, 17° 2,335'W (ISN93: 590.525, 564.809)

Hótel Gígur
660 Lake Myvatn
Tel: (+354) 464-4455



Lake Mývatn is known for being an area of extremes. With lush green grass, rough lava formations, steaming earth, colourful mud pots and still blue water, the lake is considered to be one of Iceland´s most beautiful destinations.

Standing next to Hotel Gígur are the pseudo craters, Skútustaðagígar, a popular site for birdwatchers and offer a scenic walking path that runs around the craters. About 12 km away from the hotel are Dimmuborgir, a lava field with walking paths that take you to through dramatic rock formations, lava pillars and even some caves, the most famous one bearing the name " The Church".

The small village Reykjahlíð, about 15 km from Hotel Gígur, stands on the northern shore of the lake and just 9 km further is a beautiful bird museum, depicting the largest known private bird collection in Iceland. A must do is a visit to Myvatn Nature bath, 4 km from Reynihlíð, perfect for bathing and relaxing in. The Nature Bath also includes steam baths and outdoor showers for cooling down. 

Lake Mývatn

Just off of Road 1 (Ring Road), about 21 km from Hotel Gígur, is the Hverarönd, a geothermal area filled with energy which shows in the form of bubbling pools of colourful mud and sulphur, smelly but exciting sight. Another 10 km from the Hverarönd, on road 863 (Kröfluvegur) is Víti, a caldera of 300 m in diameter with an aqua blue water at the bottom, also known as Hell. On the same road are both Krafla Geothermal Power Station and another geothermal mud pot area Leirhnjúkur.

The view over Lake Mývatn is quite beautiful in the twilight during spring and autumn, and in the summer, when the nights are as bright as day, the quiet and calm by the lake are magical. Please do not hesitate to contact our reception for further information about the area or click here to book your day tour in the Lake Myvatn area.


Hótel Gígur - Lake Myvatn Hótel Gígur - Lake Myvatn Hótel Gígur - Lake Mývatn Hótel Gígur - Lake Mývatn