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Hótel Kea - Akureyrarkirkja

Hótel Kea is located in the heart of Akureyri, North Iceland, next to the iconic church of Akureyri. With view over the fjord the hotel is within walking distance from the town central with shops, cafés, restaurants and so much more:

  • Church of Akureyri
  • Akureyri Art Museum
  • Akureyri outdoor swimming pool 
  • Hof Cultural Center
  • Græni Hatturinn (music venue)

The hotel's location is perfect for those who want to enjoy cultural events, a casual stroll between cafes and all that town of Akureyri has to offer.

Eyjafjörður fjord, a true paradise

Eyjafjörður fjord is a fantastic destination for outdoor activities all year round. The area offers facilities for e.g. skiing, snowboarding, cross country skiing, street bikes, mountain bikes, running, hiking, swimming, skating and more. The destinations include e.g.:  

  • Mt. Hlíðarfjall (skiing, snowboarding and cross country skiing)
  • Akureyri Swimming Pool
  • Hrafnagil Swimming Pool
  • Þelamörk Swimming Pool
  • Kjarnaskógur woods (cross country skiing, running/walking paths, hiking and mountain biking)
  • Mt. Súlur and Glerárdalur valley (hiking and backcountry skiing)
  • Akureyri skating rink

Bicycling and walking paths run from the Akureyri town central all the way to the airport. A mountain bike path runs from Mt. Hlíðarfjall through Kjarnaskógur woods all the way to Hrafnagil. 

The fjord is full of interesting places and activities such as museums and whale watching operators along with selection of excellent restaurants and cafés.

Nature and culture

The North includes some of the most beautiful natural wonders in Iceland along with interesting museums and destinations. Located centrally Akureyri is a perfect destination for those who want to explore the area and travel in the North. From Akureyri the following destinations are within an hour drive from the town: 

  • Lake Mývatn 
  • Hrísey Island
  • The Christmas House 
  • Bjórböðin - Beer SPa
  • Laufás - an old rectory turf house
  • Safnasafnið - The Icelandic Folk and Outsider Art Museum
  • Smámunasafnið - The museum of small objects and trivia
Akureyri - Vetur Laufás - Eyjafirði Goðafoss - Norðurland Akureyri - Eyjafjörður