The Tailor

The gentlemen store of Guðsteinn Eyjólfsson is one of the oldest stores in Reykjavik and has shaped Icelandic gentlemen fashion for almost a century. The gentlemen´s store of Guðsteinn Eyjólfsson is one of the oldest stores in Reykjavik. Guðsteinn Eyjólfsson studied dressmaking in Reykjavík and Copenhagen. In 1918 he opened his workshop and store in a small house at Laugavegur 34. In 1929 he built the beautiful new house that still shapes the complex street view of Laugavegur.

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The Writer 

Halldór Laxness, one of the most cherished Icelandic authors and a Nobel Prize winner, was born at Laugavegur 32. That house has become a landmark and now belongs to the Sandhotel community.

Walking through the hallway from the main street to the square you can see the house Halldór Laxness, Iceland’s Nobel laureate, was born in. Halldór is one of Icelandic literature’s most important figures, widely known for his novel Independent People.

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The Baker

Sandholt bakery is regarded as one of the best bakeries in Iceland and is an important part of the Sandhotel community. 

Sandholt bakery is regarded as one of the best bakeries in Iceland and is an important part of the Sandhotel community.

Sandholt opened on the street floor of one of the houses in 1920 and is still run by the same family of bakers. The bakery and café, which is popular with the locals, will offer guests of Sandhotel varieties of breads and cakes, ice cream and confectionery. With the focus on delivering the best possible quality to customers. The bakery only uses fresh eggs and authentic butter in their products and avoids taking shortcuts and using methods of mass productions.

History of the houses

During the renovation, the entire project never lost sight of the rich inheritance of its historic buildings.


Guðsteinn Eyjólfsson built his three-storey building in 1929. It was designed by architect Þorleifur Eyjólfsson and included a space for his gentlemen shop as well as living space for his family. The rooms in the loft were rented out to individuals and part of the floor wound up being briefly occupied by the British army during the second world war.

The second floor was also rented out and through the years became home to a ballet school and later a German-Jewish family escaping the horror of the Nazi regime.

The shop is still located in the same space.


Dr. Hinrik Thorarensen built Laugavegur 34A in 1929. The building had two shopping spaces on the ground floor and an apartment on the second floor. Hinrik lived on the second floor periodically until he moved to an old age home. Later that floor was converted into storage space for the dress shop on the ground floor.

Tískuskemman dress shop was opened in 1953 and stayed open until the 80s. It was one of the most popular dress shops in Reykjavík due to the high quality of their products. When Tískuskemman closed its doors, the property briefly became a gourmet meat shop and eventually a pub.


Stefán Sandholt and Guðmundur Ólafsson built the three-storey building to include a bakery on the ground floor and apartments on the second and third floor. The two bakers and their families lived in the apartments and ran G. Ólafsson & Sandholt bakery on the ground floor.

Stefán bought Guðmundur´s share when the latter passed away in 1949. Once Stefán had become sole owner of the bakery he changed its name to Sandholt. His son Ásgeir later joined the family business and eventually his son, Stefán Jr., began working there as well. Stefán Sandholt´s descendants still run the bakery today.