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Keahotels is one of the largest hotel chains in Iceland operating ten hotels. Together the hotels provide over 800 rooms and service travelers, local and foreign, all year round.

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Icelandic Proverbs & Sayings

Few of the many commonly used proverbs and sayings in Iceland

Iceland has always been, and remains, a literary nation. In years past, people would entertain the household through the long evenings by telling stories and reading books to each other. Throughout the centuries, some phrases and sayings have captured the spirit of something so well that they've entered the daily lexicon of people. In some cases, the exact origins of the phrase might be shrouded in mystery, but that doesn't mean they're any less profound.

The Complete Guide to the Midnight Sun in Iceland

Iceland's 24 hours of daylight when the sun never fully sets

Learn everything you need to know about the midnight sun in Iceland, including how long sunset and sunrise last, which months you can experience the midnight sun, and some helpful tips on how to sleep when it's bright outside during the night.