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Keahotels is one of the largest hotel chains in Iceland operating ten hotels. Together the hotels provide over 800 rooms and service travelers, local and foreign, all year round.

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Our surroundings

Nestled in the vibrant Austurvöllur Square, adjacent to Alþingi (the Icelandic Parliament), and just a short stroll from Hallgrímskirkja, Harpa Concert Hall, and other famous landmarks in Reykjavík, the Borg Hotel stands as a timeless icon. This landmark hotel has watched over the scenic gardens and cafes of the Parliament Square for nearly a century. Set in the heart of Reykjavik, the Borg exudes a historic gravitas in keeping with its illustrious neighbors – the national cathedral and the parliament building. Its prime location offers guests not only a glimpse into Iceland's rich history but also unparalleled access to the city's cultural and architectural marvels.

Our history

Hotel Borg is a Reykjavik landmark. Its status as Iceland’s first and most-celebrated deluxe hotel has endured for nearly a century. It was the vision of wrestling champion Jóhannes Jósefsson, who made a fortune as a circus performer in America, where his dream of creating a luxury hotel in Iceland was conceived. Since it’s completion in 1930, it has been a magnet for everyone from heads of state to the famous and glamorous, becoming entwined with Icelandic history along the way. The stories of the past live on in its walls, as it remains the epitome of understated sophistication.

Borg spa and gym

We welcome our guests to Borg Spa, spa and fitness room at Hotel Borg. At Borg Spa the emphasis is on providing first class service in our calm and charming environment. We offer a great selection of spa treatments where everyone should be able to find one that suits.

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Borg restaurant

Borg Restaurant is a new restaurant, located within Hotel Borg's historic interior. With the opening of Borg Restaurant, we want to honor and respect the restaurant’s history and we want to reflect parts of the past in our daily routine with service and cooking. We cook beautiful and tasty dishes where we use classic cooking methods. Our goal is to continue to create new and positive memories at Hotel Borg for all newcomers, customers and staff.

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Our rooms

From standard singles to the luxury tower suite, Hotel Borg offers an enticing blend of comfort and elegance, ensuring a memorable stay for every guest. The epitome of luxury, Hotel Borg's accommodations boast plush furnishings and veneered parquet floors, reflecting the hotel's commitment to providing unparalleled comfort and sophistication. Whether you're seeking a cozy retreat or indulging in the opulence of the tower suite, every corner of Hotel Borg exudes an ambiance of refinement and refinement, making it the premier choice for discerning travelers seeking a truly luxurious experience in Reykjavik.