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Keahotels is one of the largest hotel chains in Iceland operating ten hotels. Together the hotels provide over 800 rooms and service travelers, local and foreign, all year round.

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Our sustainability Policy

At Keahotels, our unwavering commitment to environmental sustainability guides every aspect of our operations. With a vision deeply rooted in protecting Iceland's natural beauty, we have set clear and measurable sustainability goals.


Already taking strides towards these goals, we are dedicated to engaging our employees and guests in these initiatives, empowering them with knowledge and fostering a culture of sustainability. Regular monitoring and reporting, coupled with a commitment to continuous improvement, underscore our dedication to reducing our environmental footprint while enhancing our corporate social responsibility in Iceland's hospitality sector. Together, we can embrace sustainable practices and protect the natural treasures of Iceland.


Environmental Stewardship:

Our commitment to environmental stewardship is at the core of our sustainability policy. We recognize the profound impact of our operations on the environment and pledge to mitigate it. Our use of renewable energy sources, reduction in paper usage, and preference for eco-labeled products showcase our dedication to minimizing resource consumption and environmental impact. We will continue to explore innovative technologies and sustainable practices to further reduce our carbon footprint.


Societal Responsibility:

Our environmental policy extends to our societal responsibilities. We are committed to corporate social responsibility, contributing positively to the communities in which we operate. We prioritize employee engagement, ensuring that our team is well-informed and actively participating in sustainability practices. Additionally, we engage with our guests, encouraging them to make eco-conscious choices during their stay. Moreover, we actively seek ways to support local initiatives and community development projects, demonstrating our commitment to societal well-being.


Economic Viability:

We firmly believe that environmental and societal responsibility should be economically viable. Our sustainability initiatives are not only ethical but also financially sound. By reducing energy consumption, minimizing waste, and promoting eco-friendly practices, we not only lower operational costs but also enhance long-term financial sustainability. Our commitment to economic viability ensures that we can continue to invest in sustainable technologies and practices, creating a win-win situation for our business and the environment.


By integrating these three pillars of environmental, societal, and economic responsibility, Keahotels strives to set a standard for sustainable hospitality in Iceland. We recognize the interconnectedness of these facets and understand that responsible business practices benefit not only our planet but also our guests, employees, and the local economy. Together, we forge a path towards a greener, more sustainable future for all.