About us

The company

Keahotels is one of the largest hotel chains in Iceland operating eight hotels; six in Reykjavík, one in Akureyri and one in Vík in Mýrdal. Together the hotels provide over 800 rooms and service travelers, locals and foreign, all year round. 

Keahotels is an exciting workplace where a united group of people with a diverse experience work together. At the company's properties work well over 200 employees. With ambition, capacity and initiative as our starting point we aim to provide a desirable and efficient work place.

Keahótel ehf. the strongest in Iceland

The strongest in Iceland

Every year the Icelandic credit bureau Creditinfo completes a detailed analysis which reveals the Icelandic companies that have achieved top marks in its strength and stability assessments. Since the year 2013 Keahotels has received the 'The Strongest in Iceland' awards for an outstanding business performance, six years in a row, a great testament to the company's stability.

Keahotels has been one of few companies within the hotel industry to make the list and has furthermore often been in the lead in this category. This can only be achieved by having hard working and dedicated employees, an accomplishment that the company is very proud of.